Vendor Management


Vendor Management Superstar. A technology guru with thorough knowledge of hardware, software and systems, plus awareness of business unit needs. Must be a creative negotiator with stellar communication skills and experience in finance, contract law and relationship management. Ideal candidate is willing to confront vendors, call their bluffs, shake trees and keep vendors honest. Ability to create win-win solutions a must.

What we bring:

  • Ability to extract and articulate requirements (both technical and business)
  • Successfully written Requests for Information, Requests for Proposals (and all associated processes)
  • Methodology for establishing evaluation criteria and evaluating responses
  • Industry best practices on negotiating contract business terms and service levels with vendors
  • Processes for establishing and monitoring service levels
  • Track record of consistently saving dollars associated with contracts and vendor selection
  • Great working relationships with clients and vendors alike
  • Independence from vendors
  • Experience


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